Building A Care Package For A Loved One

Care packages are a sure way to let someone know you are thinking of them and brighten their day. Especially for loved ones who live far away or are in situations that make visiting difficult, a care package is a great way to send someone a little bit of love. Read on for some ideas for items to consider including in these care packages.


Whether you are sending easy, microwavable meals to a college student, or a favorite cookie recipe to your grandmother, food is always a great idea to include in a care package. Not only is it useful, but food can also remind a person of home.

A Personal Note

Whether it is an elaborate letter written on stationery or sweet notes inside of whimsical greeting cards, a note from you will make the package feel more personal. You can even go so far as to decorate the envelope with stickers or washi tape.


To further personalize your care package, you may consider adding photos of yourself and the things you have been doing. Especially for older recipients who may not have access to social media, this can be a great way to show someone what you have been up to, as a supplement to a written letter.

Stuffed Animals

When you aren’t able to hug someone, the next best thing is to send them a squeezable little messenger. That is to say, including a stuffed animal in your care package gives the recipient something to hug in your absence. Your loved one’s new friend is sure to get them through their hardest days.

No matter what you include in your care package, the important part is that it is sent with love. A care package that is packed with warmth will always be received with a smile.