4 Fashion Trends That Reflect a Bold Personality

Go bold or go home. Isn’t that want people like to say? If you live by this motto, your exterior should reflect the same directness and confidence. The following four fashion trends may reveal your adventurous and fearless personality.

1. Embrace the Rave Look

Don’t hide your daring pizazz. Show it through your wardrobe. Harper’s Bazaar notes the raver style is prevalent and focuses on tons of graphics and color. Snag a bucket hat and pair it with some wide-leg jeans and a patterned jacket for a simple statement or a day out on the town.

2. Dare To Change Your Hair

People want the shade of hair to highlight how you feel, so go further than a traditional dye job. Enjoy adding hints of blue or purple for some extra pop. Give yourself even more volume by looking for places that specialize in hair extensions service Forest Park GA.

3. Hold Those Shoulders High

Remember the old days of shoulder pads? Well, bold shoulders and jackets are back and reflect that women want and can have control. Do you like to speak your mind? Do you want to make a statement in society and at work? Turn to the jacket. They frame the shape and show power. Don’t shy away from those high shoulders. They show status.

4. Snag Some Pants

Women do wear pants in the household. At least, those with some enthusiasm and confidence do. Keep several pairs around to reflect your mood. High waist jeans are back along with patterns and flare. Enjoy comfort, and show how much you like to have control.

Fashion allows you to show others your true self. Don’t hide that bold self. Showcase it by having a wardrobe that matches how you feel. Enhance your closet options by picking out some pieces that reflect your fun, forward personality.

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