What are the Different Types of Diamonds?

Most people think of expensive jewelry when they hear the word ‘diamond’. They imagine sparkling white gems set in gold or silver rings, or big dazzling jewels hanging around the necks of wealthy women. But not all diamonds are used for decorative purposes, and even among those that are, there are various types available. For example, diamonds come in assorted colors and shapes. Furthermore, the clarity and cut affects how valuable it is. 

Natural Diamonds

A natural diamond is found in the Earth. It is made from carbon over billions of years and is the result of extremely high pressure and temperatures. Although created a minimum of 85 miles below the Earth’s surface, diamonds then travel upwards via molten rock. Natural diamonds must then be mined and refined before being sold for use in high-end jewelry or for use in various industries. Diamond is the hardest natural substance known to humanity. 

Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds are manmade. They contain the same properties as those found in natural diamonds but have been created in a lab. They are made to look exactly like natural diamonds. The benefits of lab diamonds are that they are much more affordable than natural diamonds because they can be made quickly, and the supply chain is shorter. 

Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamonds are also created in a lab, but these do not have the same properties as natural or lab-grown diamonds. They look similar to diamonds but have been chemically altered in some way. Examples of synthetic diamonds include white sapphire, cubic zirconia, and synthetic garnet. 

What Affects the Value of a Diamond? 

Diamonds that are mined from the Earth’s surface are more valuable than those created in a lab. Large diamonds are rarer and are therefore more valuable. The clarity and color of the diamond will also determine its value. Although many people assume that all diamonds are colorless, most have tones of yellow or brown to them. Nevertheless, colored diamonds have also been found. These extremely rare diamonds can be found in assorted colors including blue, pink, green, orange, and canary yellow. The most commonly found colored diamond is yellow. 

What are Diamonds Used for? 

As mentioned, diamonds are primarily used for decorative purposes and can be found in jewelry, crown jewels, and even gowns. But they do have other uses. For example, diamond metal blades such as those made by Devour Tools can be used to cut through engine and car body components in the automotive industry. Similar blades might be used in the construction industry for cutting through masonry. These blades are not made of diamonds, though; they are metal blades that are bonded with crushed diamonds mixed with a powdered metal. 

Something that might surprise you is the research into the use of tiny diamond particles for cancer treatment. Known as nanodiamonds, these tiny particles are loaded with cancer drugs and given to the patient. The cancer cells in the body that usually get rid of the drugs quickly are unable to carry the diamonds. This means that the drug stays in the cell for longer and is able to do its work. The great thing about nanodiamonds is that they are non-toxic and do not cause inflammation. Research is still ongoing but if successful, diamonds could prove very powerful in fighting cancer. 


Diamonds can be found naturally in the Earth’s surface or created by man in a lab. While those found naturally have the highest value and are typically more sought after, lab diamonds are much more affordable and can be used in many different industries.